Phase Zero

phase zero

Arlington, Virginia

A series of creative experiments, installations, and activations — big and small — conceived of and managed by Of Place to set the tone for the revitalization of Arlington, Virginia.


In the winter of 2017, Of Place was hired by JBG Smith to transform the urban landscape of Crystal City in Arlington, Virginia. Crystal City, with its brutalist concrete office parks and underground mall, had the reputation of being a place without a soul. Of Place developed and executed a five-month strategy involving 15 consultants and artists that consisted of efforts such as:

  • Fully wrapping four high-rise office buildings in art
  • The installation of “winter garden” seating areas with warm furnishings and fire pits
  • The painting of nine street murals that covered more than 25,000 square feet in vibrant art
  • The creation of a new public gathering space that included a muraled basketball court, food trucks, and social sports
  • The renovation of office lobbies that included fine art from nationally recognized artists
  • The activation of the streetscape through live music, farmers markets, wine bars, and a comprehensive landscaping shift
  • 20+ additional efforts

Partner Entities

Adrienne Shishko, Britten Studios, Dominique Fierro, EPI, Gensler, Groundswell Design Group, Havit, HITT, Land Design, Landscape Management Group, Maggie O’Neill, No King’s Collective, RSM, Swatchroom, Tim Doud, Twigz Studios and Washington Project for the Arts